IsatDock SMA/TNC Cable Kit Passive – 40m/131ft (ISD940)


Beam ISD940 Inmarsat 40m (131 feet) antenna cable provides fixed site installations with the flexibility to run long distances and is pre-terminated with SMA/TNC connectors. The kit includes 40m of Inmarsat antenna cable and 40m of GPS antenna cable. The cable is only for fixed installations.

Passive Cable kits can be specially ordered of lengths up to 50m. Allow up to 4-6 weeks.

* ONLY use with the ISD700 Passive Antenna


Inmarsat Cable
SAT Cable Length Passive 39.5m SAT TNC(m)-TNC(m)
Connector Diameter (mm) 19.04/19.04
Cable Diameter (mm) 14.99
Thickest Diameter (mm) 22
Bend Radius Single (mm) 38
Bend Radius Repeat (mm) 152
GPS Cable
GPS Cable Length Passive 40m GPS SMA(m)-SMA(m)
Connector Diameter (mm) 8.1/8.1
Thickest Diameter (mm) 9
Cable Diameter (mm) 6.1
Bend Radius Single (mm) 19.1
Bend Radius Repeat (mm) 63.5
Cable Kit Specifications
Cable Kit Weight ~25kg/~55.12lb (box)
Cable Kit Length 40m/131ft
Fly Lead Inmarsat Cable
Adaptor length Adaptor 1 50cm TNC(f)-SMA(m)
Connector Diameter (mm) 13.7/8.1
Cable Diameter (mm) 6.1
Thickest Diameter (mm) 14
Bend Radius Single (mm) 19.1
Bend Radius Repeat (mm) N/A